New Mac Mini Stuffed With Up to 1TB Storage

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More evidence that the new Mac minis are at least partly geared toward the cheap server market: SeeFile dropped their press release pimping support of the "new Apple Mac Mini hardware" just a little early.


They specifically mention a complete bundled system with a "Mac mini server with 1 terabyte of storage." A SeeFile spokesperson confirmed to Ars that storage is internal, so the rumor that the mini will have a build-to-order option for dual hard drives—good for enterprise servers, because of more storage and RAID support—looks more plausible.


Check out our Macworld rumor round up to see what else is likely to happen tomorrow. [Ars]

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Hmmmm. Interesting. I like my mini quite a lot. It's been a trusty little machine for websurfin' and email and monkeying with photos and stuff. I don't really know what I would use all that storage for, though.