New Mac Mini Torn Down and Benchmarked: Ivy Bridge Kicks Ass

The folks at Mac Mini Vault have benchmarked and torn down the new Mac Minis. The Mac Mini's $600, 2.5GHz Core i5 Ivy Bridge configuration racked up a Geekbench score of 7433 straight out of the box. That's impressive considering last year's Sandy Bridge i5 Mac Mini refresh has a standing average of 6323 on the Geekbench.


In fact, that score is higher than Sandy Bridge 13-inch MacBook Pro and even both configurations of the Ivy Bridge MacBook Air released in the summer. These results make sense, but it just goes to show what a big difference a little spec bump can make. These are powerful little computers. As for the way the guts look under the hood; the new Mac Mini's have unchanged, aluminum unibody cases, and everything looks pretty much the same inside. [Mac Mini Vault via 9to5Mac]

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