New Macbook Pro in the Wild: Looking Like Best in Years?

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The fresh Macbook Pros with Core 2 Duo chips inside have touched down. Since Apple tends to only give traditional publications loaner notebooks, the first hands on reviews are coming from the common folk. The day 1 response is overwhelmingly in favor of the seemingly stably and robust revision 2 of Apple's pro line of laptop.

The best of the citizen reviews come from some dude named Brian. His FAQ reveals that the mooing is gone, and we're assuming it won't have any shutdown issues. The CPU seem to be idling at around a relatively cool 120 degrees, alleviating any worries about Core 2 Duos being way hotter than the old Macbook Pros. And WiFi bonus: 802.11 is built on an Atheros chip that supports 802.11n draft, even though you can't yet access it in OS X. Also interesting: The 160 GB hard drives are built on the perpendicular HDD technology that packs data in sideway slices to help performance and info density. Brian also did some benchmarks, but nothing comparative. Useless.


We're still not sure about how much faster the new machines are, but we've got
a porno-licious unboxing from DJ TekMoe...

Stupid DJ name, great photos that are strangely still exciting, even though the thing looks almost identical to the old one (Save Firewire 800 port). I guess we can feel its Core 2 Duo-ness through the aluminum chassis.


Seems like this could be a solid release of hardware. It's too early to tell, but could this be the most sturdy Macbook to come out in years?

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