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New Nokia Smartphone Patent Features Swiveling Widescreen and QWERTY

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new patent from Nokia shows a pretty interesting new design: a full widescreen that can swivel behind a QWERTY keyboard so only half the screen is visible.

When held in one position, the phone looks a lot like Nokia's traditional QWERTY candybars, but the screen can swivel up and out to present a widescreen, presumably for media or web browsing, apps that need a lot of screen real estate. It's a cool way to combine the appeal of a giant touchscreen with the utility of a QWERTY keyboard, except unlike sliders like the T-Mobile G1 or the Sidekick, the keys are always available on this concept. The screen can also apparently rotate side to side, though I'm not really sure what use could be had from that.

It's just a patent, and I'm sure there are a number of reasons why this idea won't come to fruition (how is that screen attached?). But I like the idea and maybe we'll see elements of it in future products from Nokia. [BGR]