New Palm Phones Appear in Sprint Inventory

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Looks like the CDMA carriers are going to battle over which can carry more Palm phones. Verizon may have some Palm devices stored up, but it appears that Sprint also has a few additional Palm handsets in its arsenal.


Pre Central was sent a screenshot of a Sprint inventory system showing Palm 120 and C40 models. There are few details on the handsets (the $1 price has got to be a place holder), but the P120 looks pretty similar to the P121 that was leaked through Verizon and is assumed to be just a variation of the Pre (considering the Pre is entered in the system as the P100).

The C40 is thought to be a totally different model and perhaps that Palm Eos that we have been hearing about for awhile now. Here is what is safe to assume: Palm and the CDMA carriers have something up its sleeve. [PreCentral]



Palm seems to have been forgotten already although I wish they had picked up more traction with the Pre release. We're doing some development here for the Pre and it's a very nice phone and system to work with. I just don't see it picking up enough to really be a true competitor.