New Pics And Clips From V, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fringe And FlashForward

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Your Monday morning spoilers include what Ben is up to on Lost, and tons of Doctor Who pics. Ellen Tigh is back! There are nine V clips! Plus Supernatural, Fringe, FlashForward, New Moon and Stargate Universe spoilers.


So we already mentioned that alternate-universe Ben is working as a teacher at a high school where his adopted daughter Alex is one of the students — but apparently Ben and Alex are still "close." And Locke is working at the school too! Also sighted around the school: Rose and Doc Arzt. But no sign of Bernard. And William Atherton's new character is the principal, but that may not be his only role. [SpoilersLost]


Doctor Who:

The second special episode "Waters Of Mars" already aired in the U.K. (and we'll have our recap later today) but it's still new to many of us — and here are some more promo pics that came out at the last minute. [BlogtorWho and BlogtorWho]


And here are some screencaps from the new trailer for "The End Of Time" that aired at the end of "Waters Of Mars." More pics at the link. [Life, Doctor Who And Combom]

And here's that trailer, in case you missed it:


John Simm says he will not be at all subtle as the Master this time around:

If you thought I was hamming it up in the last one, wait till you see this. I like to be quite subtle, but this doesn't call for subtle. The Master is insane. I also used a bit of Caligula and a bit of Tony Blair. But in this, The Master is off the leash. Unhinged. Totally unplugged!


[Digital Spy]

David Tennant tells Simon Mayo there's a chance he might get called back for a "three Doctors" special, and he keeps a version of his costume around under lock and key just in case, because if you come back, you have to bring your own kit. [BlogtorWho]


Russell T. Davies explains the meaning of the phrase "He will knock four times."


Here are some set pics, showing Joshua Jackson at the scene of a Boston accident. [SpoilerTV]


Anna Torv talks about Olivia's relationships on the show. [BuddyTV]


Here are a whopping nine clips from tomorrow night's new episode!


Some new clips from this Thursday's new episode, the last one of 2010. Mark Sheppard in full effect. [SF Universe and Chicago Tribune]



A new set video shows people running down a street. Is it the present — or next April? [Flashforward.PL]


Episodes 12 and 13 will be called "Kairos" and "Better Angels" respectively. [SpoilerTV]

And the world's most globe-trottingest FBI agents are at it again in episode ten:

Against Wedeck's orders, Mark and Demetri travel to Hong Kong in search of the woman claiming to know details of Demetri's fate; Lloyd tries to come clean about his and Simon's involvement in the global blackout - against Simon's better judgment — and Zoey discovers the true meaning of her flashforward.



New Moon:

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg says the second movie in a trilogy is the hardest to write, and explains what this film is about:

The second film in a trio of films is always the diciest because you don't want to do the movie as just a set-up for the [third film]. I was really conscious of wanting this movie to stand alone in its own right, and there is a very standalone story in this book. That is Bella's heartbreak and recovering from heartbreak and so the theme that comes out of that is that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I think it is Bella's evolution of becoming a stronger person; I mean, every book takes her further along that path of becoming her own person. So I think that is the standalone theme in this movie.


And she says she worked hard to make Bella sympathetic despite the fact that she takes advantage of Jacob's feelings for her in this film. [Cinematical]

Stargate Universe:

Amanda Tapping confirms she'll be back as Sam Carter towards the end of the first season, but she doesn't get to play with anybody. "I'm kind of off on my own ship." [Gateworld]


And here are a slew of promo pics from the episode "Life". [SpoilerTV]


Ellen Tigh is back! Kate Vernon has joined the cast of this show, according to Greg Grunberg's Twitter. [Digital Spy]


And here's a behind-the-scenes featurette for the "Thanksgiving" episode:

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