New Wacom Bamboo Is First Graphic Tablet with Tactile Multitouch Capability

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Wacom seems to finally understand that sometimes a stylus isn't as good as a finger. The new line of Bamboo tablets includes one that is touch only, another that is pen only, and three with a combo of both.


The $69 Bamboo Touch is basically the product to add a multitouch trackpad to your laptop or desktop. The 5.0 x 3.5 inch surface is larger than the typical touchpad and supports all the typical gestures, including two finger zooming and scrolling. The Bamboo Pen costs the same amount and is, as you might expect, pen only. Then there is the $99 Bamboo Pen and Touch for the best of both worlds. And the $129 Bamboo Craft and $199 Bamboo Fun that are larger in size and are bundled with lots of software.

I am still most intrigued by the Bamboo Touch since I think everyone should have the goodness of a multitouch touchpad and the ability to two finger swipe all day long. The artistic folk, however, will have their eyes on the Pen and Touch combo.The new tablets work with both Mac and PCs (Win 7 support included) and are attached by a USB cord. [Wacom]


Broken Machine

I have to think that the days of the screenless tablets are almost over. With the precision we are getting from touch-screens, the bandwidth from USB 3.0, and the sheer number of touch-screens causing price drops I would assume that all drawing tables would include screens, not just the uber-expensive Wacom models.