New Windows Computers Will Get a $15 Upgrade to Windows 8

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With Ivy Bridge out, there's a ton of great new desktops, ultrabooks, and gaming rigs coming out over the next few months. But they're all under the shadow of the other major release, Windows 8. Good news for anyone taking the plunge, though: Windows 8 upgrades will be available for just $15 if you buy a Windows 7 machine after June 2.


For previous updates to Windows, Microsoft had given free upgrades to late-cycle buyers. But Microsoft megablogger Paul Thurrott dug up the $15 price, and it seems fairly legitimate. The upgrade will also only cover Windows 8 Pro, not the standard version that most users would probably buy on their own. Moving from a free upgrade promotion to one with a cost, even a minimal one, doesn't do much for the hope that Microsoft will try to drive prices down for Windows 8. [Windows SuperSite via Neowin, Windows Weekly]



Or just wait till Windows 9 - Win8 is on the wrong side of the Windows tick-tock cycle, and you wouldn't want it till SP1 at least. Unless there are huge improvements between the preview and the release (which there could be).

Maybe by Win9 they'll have figured out how to make desktop and tablet windows managers coexist without crippling the desktop version.