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Two bits of Xbox 360 gaming news today. First is an update on the new premium bundle that might be coming sometime this fall which may be called the "Xbox 360 Pro Bundle". Rumors are the bundle will have everything the current $399 bundle has plus a three month Xbox Live gold subscription, 1,250 Marketplace Points, and Project Gotham Racing 3. All this for the same $399 price point. Coincidentally, this is pretty similar to the package we bought when we picked up the 360.

The second bit of news comes from Staff Sgt. Nelson, who tell us that the new Windows Live Messenger has access to the Xbox Live friends list so you can see what your friends are up to right on your desktop. Is Frank supposed to be out sick with the flu, but he's really gaming it up on G.R.A.W.? Now you know.


It's back: Xbox Live Friends list on Messenger [Major Nelson]

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