New York City's Massive First Casino Is Staffed by Robot Dealers

Illustration for article titled New York City's Massive First Casino Is Staffed by Robot Dealers

Post-9/11, New York State legislators decided an enormous casino, opening today, would help the devastated economy. Unfortunately, some pesky laws prohibiting gaming got in the way. No problem! Just replace all the humans with robots. It's like Vegas on Mars.


Well, not Mars—Queens, actually. But the combination of requisite casino artificial light and robot card-dealing arms might make you feel like you're aboard a space station. Not everyone is happy, the NYT reports—the usual casinos are good for the economy versus casinos are a social ill (not mutually exclusive?) argument persists. But I'm wondering what kind of anti-cheating mechanisms a massive casino without human dealers will have in place. The number of carbon based enforcers peering over your shoulder will explode compared to a normal gaming joint, even with cameras pointed in every which direction. Will lasers be involved? I have a feeling I'll find out for myself soon. [Resorts World Casino New York City via NYT]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I can understand slot machines, but having table games completely controlled by robots doesn't sound feasible with current day technology. The amount of cheating that can go on that can even fool a well-trained eye will surely fool a robot.

Also, the two NYT links within the body of the article seem to be wrong