New York Looks Like Snow Zombieland—But It's Nothing Compared to Japan

It's only a few feet of snow, but this is how New York looks right now. People consider this The Snowpocalypse but, while it looks like Yeti zombies are going to appear at anytime, it's nothing compared to this [Updated]


That, my friends, is real snow. And no, these photos are not Photoshopped.

This one is from Japan, taken in the main island of Honshu.

After cursing the weather yesterday and today, these photos kind of make me feel like a wimp. But having said that, the blizzard yesterday was scary. I was coming from Madrid at night and the landing—preceded by a 45-minute flyover delay—was terrifying. I had to come to my home in the subway because all roads were collapsed, even while there was barely a few inches of snow in them.


Now I seem to be trapped at home. I'm looking through my window and my street is completely white. There's no traffic, and the parked cars are half covered with snow. How a city like New York can get to this state, especially after they knew the blizzard was coming, I will never understand. [Yfrog via Twitter]

Update 1: A reader sends another angle of the first NYC photo, by Sarah Nicole Prado Lopez.


Update 2: People are having fun with this one:


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