Next Gen Bluetooth Promises Easier Pairing and Longer Battery Life

It won't be ready till December, but the folks at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) are already demoing the next version of Bluetooth dubbed Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. The feature we're psyched about the most is near field communication. NFC lets you pair and transfer files/images from one Bluetooth gadget to another by putting them within range of one another. So you can send pics from your cameraphone to your photo printer or pair your cell phone with a wireless headset via a virtual handshake (as you can tell by the post-jump video). Another bonus is...


that Bluetooth 2.1+EDR will suck up less battery, so you can expect 5x more battery life when you have Bluetooth turned on. As long as it works as promised, these features are good enough to make a casual Bluetooth user like myself wanna use it more often.

Bluetooth SIG Demos Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Features [Gear Live]

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