Next Week's Target Ad Confirms $250 Xbox 360 Pro? UPDATE

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We've already seen Walmart's $300 Xbox 360 Elite. But according to what looks to be a leaked Target ad that will hit distribution this Sunday (the 30th), a $250 Xbox Pro will be joining the system. UPDATE, Best Buy too!

It's all been rumored for a while, but seeing those numbers captured with some sort of sub-cellphone-quality camera really makes the price reduction hit home. (Plus, the extra controller Target's offering is a pretty tempting cherry on top.)


This is happening, folks. And the feeling is more intense than I'd ever imagined. [Engadget]

UPDATE: Kotaku has just published a similar ad from Best Buy. At this point, we don't even need Microsoft to confirm. I mean, they can or whatever. But we already know what's up.

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Dell had that deal in Dealzmodo last week for $229 for a new Pro, it's gone up to $269 right now, but I'm betting they knew about the Elite price drop coming and started selling off inventory. They do work pretyt closely with MS these days. Wouldn't surprise me to see other stores doing the same.