Next Year There Might be Powermat Phones That Charge Wirelessly Without Cases

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True, you can charge some phones now without buying a special inductive-charging case (via their swappable batteries), but Powermat wants to work with manufacturers to put the technology into phones from the get-go.

Speaking to TechRadar, the Powermat spokesperson said it "is a complex process," as "each phone has different charging needs so the sooner we get hold of a handset, the quicker we can come to market with a product." Nonetheless, "it's likely you will see a phone with Powermat technology inside in 2011."


No word on whether Powermat hopes to collaborate with a manufacturer such as RIM to ship phones with their tech, or if they plan on building a Powermat-branded phone with someone like INQ, who has been rumored to be working with both Facebook and Spotify for their own-branded phones. [TechRadar]