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Nexus One 3G Bugs No Longer Of Interest To Google

Illustration for article titled Nexus One 3G Bugs No Longer Of Interest To Google

Start pricing up HTC's Desire or Incredible, Nexus One owners, as Google has put down its hammer and announced "we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements." You're stuck with those bugs for good.


Oh sure, they issued a patch, which didn't really do much, but Google feels enough is enough and is cutting the air supply off—according to Ry Guy, a Google employee who posted on their support forums. The full message, below:

"Hey guys,

I've seen some recent speculation on this thread about an OTA to improve 3G connectivity and I want to give you an update on the situation.

While we are continuing to monitor user feedback regarding the 3G performance on the Nexus One, we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements at this time.

If you are still experiencing 3G issues, we recommend that you try changing your location or even the orientation of your phone, as this may help in areas with weaker coverage.

-Ry Guy"

Anyone had any luck with changing the orientation of your phone? Oh, you aren't reading this because you don't have 3G reception? Whoops. [Google Support Forums via Engadget]

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Pretty sad that the N1's signal seems so bad, and that it might actually be a hardware issue. Didn't HTC think to set the thing next to, say, a G1 and just look at the dBm in the phone's settings? A 12dBm difference sitting side-by-side is a MASSIVE difference on that logarithmic scale.

I wonder if the AT&T version has the same issue. Anyone got one of those they can compare to, say, an iPhone in Field Test mode?

Also, they never said whether there is an actual issue or not... Was it a bad batch? Did the fix the N1 mid-production?