Illustration for article titled Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries to Seriously Challenge One and Dones?

Last week, Energizer outed their Zinc Air Prismatic batteries, and now we hear of a possibly more promising AA nickel-zinc rechargeable battery from PowerGenix. It appears that zinc will be our new battery overlord.


PowerGenix will team with Ritz Camera to begin selling AA Quantaray Super Z NiZn rechargeable batteries. These batteries promise 30% more voltage over rechargeables of a a similar form, which puts their performance on par with single-use batteries. Plus, their NiZn technology is non toxic and claims to be the "most recyclable rechargeable chemistry on the market."

In other words, there may finally be no excuse to ever normal batteries again (if you still had one)—but we'll be eager to see how well they work when they hit Ritz at an undisclosed price/date. Note: According to a reader shot we just received of the packaging, 4 AAs will cost $14.99. [Engadget via FastCompany]

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