Nike+ iPod: Out-of-Box Experience

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iLounge snagged a Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and took it out of the box, giving us a good first look at how the system fits together. First we get a peek at the small red-and-white wireless 802.11 sensor/transmitter that fits into a pocket within the insole of those Nike shoes. A surprising revelation is that you don't necessarily need the Nike shoes to use the sensor. It looks like it could just be slipped into any shoe, but the reviewer says it's easier to deal with the little transmitter if you're wearing the special Nike+ shoes created specifically for the system.

The report shows a few shots of those rather plain-looking shoes, and the reviewer also comments about how tiny the receiver is, which looks to be about three quarters of the width of the nano itself. We also get a first look at the Nike+ website where you ingest all your exercise data, and the whole system from shoe to screen looks user-friendly so far. No word on how well it works yet, but the site promises more photos and information shortly, so we'll be on the lookout for that.

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