Nikon Also Preparing D300 for Thursday Launch?

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After being teased with that supposedly upcoming Nikon D3 flagship DSLR yesterday, now we're hearing rumors of a second camera body about to be introduced at the same time, perhaps as soon as Thursday (August 23). Take a look at that admittedly fake picture above, and you'll see an artist's conception of the Nikon D300. Its major difference from the D3 is allegedly its DX format sensor, about two thirds the size of the full-frame D3's FX format. That sensor is still said to be a 12-megapixel CMOS chip, though, but not quite as capable of that of the D3.


Its rapid-fire shooting capability is said to be little slower, with its fastest speed at 6 frames per second (that can be boosted up to 8fps with a power grip) instead of the D3's reported 9fps. Its ISO range is slightly narrower, too, at ISO 200-3200, compared to the ISO 200-6400 of the D3. The two reportedly share the same autofocus system, with the 51 points of focus that we reported yesterday, but the D300 also might have one of our favorite features, live view mode. Of course, all this is mere speculation. [Photography Bay and Fake Stat Sheet]


As a current Canon employee and a loyal Nikon user, I can only say that I hope this is one rumor that actually materializes. Nikon needs it. The 40D release had me clenching onto my D200(And D80 for that matter), trembling and shouting "It's gonna be ok, Its gonna be ok"!!