Nine Inch Nails Releases Free Album In High Definition Audio

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Tren Reznor is not only breaking the old distribution model, he's even breaking the newest, like Radiohead's pay-what-you-want: Nine Inch Nails' latest album—The Slip—is 100% free, no payment required in any case, not even when you download the whooping 1.2GB version—which includes high definition WAVE 24/96 files (better-than-CD-quality 24bit 96kHz audio.) You can also choose from high-quality MP3s, FLAC lossless and M4A lossless. Note to record labels: drop dead. [NIN]


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@Dirk: Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a large number of human beings (insert your guess of the percentage) that will take the 'free' option and justify it to themselves by saying they do not want to support X company. The fact is, if you do not like the tactics of the RIAA — then do not consume music. That will have a more profound impact than breaking copyrights. But, many people are not willing to give anything up — and they have a great justification for their deeds.

All that said — kudos to NIN for allowing us to get their music and bucking the RIAA. It is nice when we can have our cake and ravenously consume it.