Ninja Assassins Are After Your Toothbrush

Illustration for article titled Ninja Assassins Are After Your Toothbrush

Yes, there are ninja assassins after that disgusting, germ-ridden toothbrush of yours. They want to brutally annihilate 99% of the mess with their germicidal ultraviolet lights and you should probably just step back and let them do it.


Alright, maybe these ninja assassins aren't after your toothbrush just yet, but you could and should buy their services at about $37 per ninja. After all, how often do you see such cute-yet-deadly-looking toothbrush sanitizers? [Cute Biz]



Explain why I need one of these? My thought is, I have been brushing my teeth for years. I have never gotten sick from brushing my teeth (that I know of). So, doesn't all this kind of stuff just help weaken your immune system? So that one day, when your toothbrush ninja runs out of batteries, you do get sick. As you are not used to the germs any more.