Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Says He Wouldn't Use a Mac or iPhone if Apple Was a Competitor

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In the same interview he said the Wii could live for eight more years, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata remarked that if Apple and Nintendo "were in direct competition, I would not use a Mac in my presentations."

When Dean Takahashi asked about the potential threat of free games, Iwata responded, "Because of this?" as he pulled out his iPhone.

Talking about the overlap between it and the DSi, he said, "The features of the iPhone and the DSi may overlap. But if we look at our differences, the areas of overlap are small. If, in the future, this overlap becomes bigger to the extent we should call it direct competition, I have to be more careful. I can't bring out the iPhone during an interview anymore. Today, I don't worry about it."


Man that's hardcore, like Bill Gates banning iPods from his house.

So if he couldn't use a Mac or Windows PC, what kind of computer would he use then? Linux? [VentureBeat]