Nissan Developing iPhone App to Monitor Electric Cars

Illustration for article titled Nissan Developing iPhone App to Monitor Electric Cars

When every car manufacturer started integrating iPod compatibility, you could really see how powerful the platform had become in the mainstream consciousness. Now, Nissan plans to make an iPhone app to support their new electric cars.

Nissan is slated to officially unveil three new EV cars next week, during which time the automaker may also announce a compatible prototype iPhone app. The app allows owners to not only detect information like remaining car battery power, but it provides useful additional data like how long the battery will take to recharge and how much said recharge will cost at various charging stations. Also, the app will allow wireless control of heat and A/C, which is kind of neat until shake to shuffle cranks the temperature to 110 in the middle of summer. [PCWorld via Left Lane News via MacNN]

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I want an iCar.

100 bucks says Apple could turn a better profit on 1 car then the big 3 could make on the total of all their models.