Nissan's GT-R Data-Dense Dashboard Explained

Fast lane daily has a video of the Nissan GT-R, with rare footage of that amazing instrument cluster designed by Gran Turismo game designers. Fast forward past the talking head to witness footage of the boost gauge, lateral and longitudinal G-forces (over time!), among many other stats, at your fingertips. Might have been better to build this stuff into HUD, as you don't want to be staring at the digital cluster pack for longer than you need to in a 3-second car. [Fast Lane Daily, GT-R on Giz]



Way to upsell "cast aluminum" as bleeding edge.

"Cast aluminum" because we ran out of money when building out "engine assembly clean room", so we couldn't afford a mill/lathe assembly and you fucktards don't know the difference anyway. Now give us money.

I'm not saying cast won't do the job, but why brag about it?