No Cellphones In Flight, Says FAA

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The FAA is maintaining its ban against in-flight use of wireless devices such as cellphones, regardless of the FCC's recent proposal to allow such usage. Some of you might disagree, but no regrets here: an eight-hour cross-country flight is bad enough with wailing babies and stuffy air; adjacent passengers with too much time on their hands yapping away on their cellphones might just send me over the brink. Incessant IMing over WiFi, however, I can live with. As long as the sound is off. (Note that the FAA's decision does not affect WiFi radios on planes with Boeing Connexion, a wireless broadband service available on some flights from ANA, JAL, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.)

FAA will retain ban on wireless use in-flight [Mobileburn]