Nobody Asked for Smaller 'Nano-SIM' Cards, but They're Coming Anyways

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Data, reception, battery, screen, CPU, weight, size. These are the cellphone specs I'm concerned. Smaller SIM cards? Not so much. But Giesecke & Devrient, one of the original SIM manufactuers, thinks we need a nano-SIM that's 30 percent smaller. Great?

According to GigaOM, we could see could see this achievement in pointlessness as early as next year:

The nano-SIM is a third smaller than the micro-SIM, which can be found inside Apple's iPhone 4 and 4S, and it is 60 percent smaller than the SIM cards found inside many of today's GSM handsets. It's also 15 percent thinner. The nano-SIM could find its way into the first mobile devices as early as next year.


The original SIM card was already small enough. The micro-SIM is almost too small. So why do we need a nano-SIM? Will it really allow cellphones to be any slimmer? Will it perform more efficiently? Will it affect anyone in any meaningful way? I'm skeptical. [Giesecke & Devrient via GigaOm via The Verge]

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Fuck SIM cards... it's about time these went to the corner of gadget-hell that Floppies went to. Make it a freakin' completely digital subscription already, move it inside a chip on phone itself. It will make getting new prepaid accounts easier while roaming, not to mention, amount of money and time saved in manufacturing these stupid little physical things.