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Nokia/Apple Lawsuit Turns Ugly With Nokia Sniping At Apple's "Largest Mobile Devices Company" Claim

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Any chance the UN has a spare helicopter on a day Stephen Fry is free? Someone needs to fly him into this Nokia/Apple WARZONE and provide both sides with a box of tissues, cup of tea and a comforting hug.


Still, I can definitely see why Nokia's got their panties in a twist after Steve Jobs smugly boasted they were the world's "largest mobile devices company" on Wednesday, following their patent infringement lawsuit which has both companies countersuing each other.

Mark Squires, the head of social media for Nokia, wrote on the company blog that:

"sometimes there are articles floating around on the sphere that get my blood pressure rising to what my doctor is prone to call an ‘unreasonable level for a man of your years/weight/physical condition'. Reading coverage of one of our competitor's much hyped web pad event this week, I was surprised to see that, by revenue, they were claiming in their leader's keynote to be "the largest mobile devices company in the world."


Promising a true "apples-to-apples comparison", Squires snarked:

"The difference between the two companies is even larger if you use the more common measure: the number of devices sold. By that comparison, Nokia has been the largest mobile devices company in the world for a dozen consecutive years."

Before I get too schoolmarm-ish on the two companies, I do hope Apple at least responds to that. [Nokia Conversations via Mobile-Ent]