Nokia: iPhone 3GS Has a Crappy Camera, N97 Rocks Faces

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Need more evidence that Nokia just doesn't get it? Here's what UK General Manager for Nokia Mike Loughran says about the N97 versus the iPhone 3GS:

"The new iPhone is an evolution rather than a revolution and for people trying to decide whether to get a Nokia N97 or an iPhone, it comes down to a decision on performance and value for money… The new iPhone seems to have the same design and colour, upgrading from a sub-standard two-megapixel camera to a still low 3.2-megapixel camera, and is probably a disappointment for many people given the high tariff and lifetime ownership costs."


It's not about specs—and if we are going to go there, what's up with the N97's dinky processor—it's about being usable. I had hope that the N97 is a stopgap until something better to keep Nokia's head in the game, but quotes like this make me less sure. [Intomobile]



Gizmodo you are a bunch of fanboys. I'm going to have to stop reading your site with all the pro apple crap. I'd be surprised if you weren't subsidized by apple.

I have an n95 and I find symbian highly usable. The camera rocks, gizmo project / skype client rocks, web experience could be a titch improved but nothing major that I've experienced. Google maps client for GPS and street view and google latitude.

There has only been one thing I can't do from the symbian n95 that I am sad about. I can't ssh in to my webserver. I'm sure there is an app for it I just haven't found it, and I don't care enough to search for days for it.

You guys are pissin me off now.