Nokia's 6110 GPS Navigator in Action

It looks like we weren't the only ones impressed with Nokia's new GPS-enabled 6110. After some one-on-one time with the phone, the guys at T3 are still fawning over the sexy slider's GPS capabilities, which include one-touch navigation, a slick zooming feature, and a special pedestrian mode for the car-less crowd. The phone should be out soon, though it'll set you back $600 sans contract.

Nokia 6110 Navigator Sighted! [T3]



Hey, this kind of reminds me about the GPS navigation system used by Lara Croft in Tomb Raider with her LCD touch screen satellite phone, by Motorolla I guess, and in the Second one she had three different gadgets; one monocule head set peice for video conferences that was wireless or bluetooth, and one camcorder with a screen, and one GPS navigation system that might have been a PDA or a smart phone, which was cool but I like the graphics, but they weren't detailed enough when zooming down in the exact area. So it was more like a WAAS system and not a PSP 3-d satellite Google Earth Beta GPS software system concept but with real live or land marks etc... and still calculate the distance left and your travel speed and exact GPS location etc...