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Nokia's Four-Way Folding Communicator Patent is Hinge-Tastic

Illustration for article titled Nokias Four-Way Folding Communicator Patent is Hinge-Tastic

Nokia applied for a patent on Christmas for an innovative communicator-type device that folds out into four attached pieces, presumably two for a keyboard and two for the screen.


It's not totally clear what this device would even do; Nokia included media, games, and communication in their application, but that's not a hint so much as the company merely covering their bases. Folding gadgets would be a great way to save pocket space without losing functionality, but the design could easily end up clunky if it's not done just right. [Core77]

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Anyone notice that there are two letter "z" keys, and no letter "y". Its not qwerty folks, its qwertz!

IT would be cooler if the device folded into a square (tablet form factor), then the keyboard could be folded behind the screen, and then the screen could be folded in half.