Nokia's N900 Promotional Hackerbox Is Marketing Gone Mad

One lucky guy in the UK found himself on the receiving end of a very cool Nokia promotion, where he had to hack open a PC-controlled box, revealing a shiny new N900 inside.


Utku, a Product Manager at web design agency Mint Digital, managed to get a Nokia N900, copy of Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3, and a few other presents out of the box by following the commands at, which was printed on a card on the box, dropped off at his office this morning.

They plugged it into a MacBook via USB, but couldn't get any joy. After connecting it to a Windows machine, they followed the commands, and judging by the photos, the sentence "connecting people" worked like magic, and the box opened with a cloud of smoke.

Corny, yes. Promotional propaganda, true. But it sure does makes me smile. [Nokia Hackerbox via Utku via SlashGear]

Re-enactment of the box hacking, below:


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