Nokia's New York and Chicago Flagship Stores Closing Too

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The ribbon was cut on Nokia's New York and Chicago flagship stores in 2006, but just three years later the shelves are coming down and staff are having to make alternative employment arrangements from early 2010 when doors will close.


Joining the flagship London store on Regent Street which announced its closure two days ago, Nokia was hit with criticisms by analysts, including this stinging remark from John Strand, chief executive of Strand Consult:

"Flagship stores are important in fashion industry: Apple is fashion. Nokia is consumer electronics"

Double ouch. [Reuters]


I think thats a shame, I often visit the Nokia store in London just to check out the newest handsets. Its the only real place to actually get your hands on a working product.

Guess their problem is that everyone else just does the same, I can't imagine anyone purchasing from there as the handsets are sim-free only, most would prefer to purchase one on a pay monthly tariff and get the subsidy on the handset.