"Arctic air has surged into the U.S. pushing into the Southeastern states and dropping high temperatures there into the 20s with colder wind chills," says NASA. This NOAA GOES-East satellite image shows what was happening this morning at 9:45. It's an Arctic Blanket, says NASA:

This NOAA GOES-East satellite image was captured at 1445 UTC/9:45 a.m. EST on January 28, and between the clouds and the snow on the ground with cold air overhead, it appears as if much of the U.S. has been covered by an "Arctic Blanket."

According to NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), the Gulf coast states from southern Louisiana east to the Carolinas are facing a wintry mix of precipitation along the southern edge of the Arctic air. Meanwhile, NWS notes that wind chills throughout much of the central and eastern U.S. are in single and negative numbers during the day on January 28.


It looks pretty bad and huge from here.

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