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Not Even Obama Can Sign His Name On An iPad Legibly

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, Obama got his year's fill of nerds. First he met with Steve Jobs, then showed up at Google exec Marissa Mayer's house for dinner, but somewhere along the way he found the time to autograph this dude's iPad.


The iPad-owning man, Sylvester Cann IV, used the Adobe Idea app to scrawl his request to Obama, "Mr. President, sign my iPad." Even without a "please" or "thank-you," Obama penned his signature on the iPad using his finger, before he got swept away in the crowd at a rally at the University of Washington in Seattle.

If you compare the signature on the iPad to his usual signature, it looks more like a 10 year old's attempt at forgery, but nonetheless Sylvester is a damn lucky guy to have that image in his possession. [Obama signing iPad site via TechCrunch]