Nothing says Christmas like a Daryl Dixon Stocking

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It's Thanksgiving week in the US, which means thoughts are starting look beyond inordinate amounts of Turkey and the long weekend and towards Christmas - so what better way to start celebrating than hanging up baubles shaped like the rag tag survivors of The Walking Dead?

AMC unveiled the absurd array of Christmas items for the Zombie show over the weekend, with everything from lights with a variety of walkers gurning faces printed on them, to the aforementioned character-hangers, and not one but two stockings with Norman Reedus' Daryl smouldering out from them (the 'claimed' one is... certainly something). All of these little nick nacks are pretty bizarre on their own, but they culminate in this strange Christmas entity:


Yup. That's a $75 (!?) Nutcracker, not the traditional wooden toy soldier, but instead as one of Michonne's pet zombies. NO. BAD AMC. BAD. YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE.

Are you interested in making your Holiday décor a little more post apocalyptic this year? AMC are selling these on their site for an early December arrival - the bundled lights, ornaments and stockings are a $75 'Survive the Season' pack, and the zombie lights can be bought separately for $30. 'Tis the season for weird Christmas tie-ins!


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