Now We Know: Aronofsky's Robocop Not Sequel

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We've asked before to no avail, but finally director Darren Aronofsky has come out and admitted that his new Robocop movie will not be a sequel to the previous three movies, but a ground-up reboot to the mechanical cop franchise. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be robbed of seeing Peter Weller one more time...Talking to Empire Magazine, Aronofsky called the new movie

...[A] real reinvention... Me and David Self are working on the screenplay. He's a great, great writer and we're trying to do something new and fresh.

You may recognize Self's name from Road To Perdition - and he's also rumored to be working on two Marvel movies, Ghost Rider 2 and Deathlok - which suggests that he'll have the right kind of comicky take on this particular Judge Dredd rip-off. But don't take Aronofsky's talk of a fresh take and reinventing the movie to be any kind of slam on Paul Verhoven's original movie:

I'm a big fan of the original. It still holds up as an amazing film, and I think it's more just looking at that same type of material in the 21st century and seeing where it leads us.


Such a fan of the original, in fact, that he's already hinting at a Peter Weller cameo. Personally, my fingers are crossed that Nancy Allen will manage to make an appearance. Darren Aronofsky Talks RoboCop Remake[Empire]