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Now YOU Can Contribute and Comment to Gizmodo Directly

Illustration for article titled Now YOU Can Contribute and Comment to Gizmodo Directly

Tweaking the design is actually the less interesting design change we made today. The more interesting one is adding ways for you to get your tips and problems onto Gizmodo instantly.


All of Gawker's sites opened up our comment systems four years ago, and since then, not only have you folks contributed to the content of each post—many people skim through the post just so they can get to the comments, like some sort of home-made dessert—you've actually contributed to making many of those posts better, with tips and things we hadn't thought about.

And also, many of the Editors on all our sites were commenters before they started working here; something that will definitely happen again in the future.


So, the two new ways you can contribute

First, you can directly comment from the top of the main page, which is useful for sharing tips about stuff (#tips) or telling the world about how some gadget you own is defective and the manufacturer won't address your issue properly (#broken). Just type in your problems and make sure to include the correct hashtag, and a hashtag page will be created just for your tag. In this case, and These work for new tags as well, not just existing ones, so go ahead and create as many[variationofhandsome] that you like

You can also create these new hashtag tag pages from inside regular posts as well, just by tagging them with the correct #hashtag inside your comment. Creating hashtag pages will essentially give you guys forums to talk about stuff, since every comment with that hashtag will display there.

Nevermind on that second one. You can't do this yet, so make your tagpages using the first method for now.


So, the most important bit is that your tips can appear directly on the site without going through the filter that is us; and we'll go through them regularly to feature them on the main site.

As with all new releases, there will be bugs. In the spirit of the new comment system, you can report bugs directly to our tech team here, without waiting for us to pass along your bug reports:


Make sure to include an image of your problem and as much description as possible (OS, Browser).

And as for regular commenting, here's a FAQ that should get you up to speed on the basics.


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Le Starman Royale, duc des Mudkips et des modules MIDI

Hey, at least everything's in Helvetica now! :D

But get rid of this ugly Georgia font for the text boxes. Bleh.

and someone please explain to me the "#xxx" thing, please. #newcommentingfaq