Now You Can Split A Laser Beam Into The Force Awakens' New Lightsaber

We have potentially reached peaked Crossguard Lightsaber madness (oh who am I kidding, we've got another year of this) - we've seen it in fan art, we've had it 3D printed, and now, here's The Force Awakens' shiny new lightsaber made out of laser beams. Because why not?

Wicked Lasers are well known for their powerful lasers - something that might be about to change, as they're discontinuing their high-strength laser lines - as well as their 'lasersaber' addons that turn their line of laser pointers into lightsaber props - but this new concept takes the lightsaber comparisons to another level.


The housing is designed to fit over the Inferno Laser sold by the company, and works by using angled mirrors placed in the attachment to split the single beam created by the Inferno into 3 separate strands - one going to the left, one to the right, and one going straight up. This is pretty much how most Star Wars fans assumed the actual crossguard saber in The Force Awakens to work, so it's kind of nifty to see a real world application. No lighstaber crystals involved in this one though!

If you've got one of WL's lasers, and want to potentially blind yourself or other people from three different angles at once, you can download the files to 3D print your own beam housing here. For the love of god, don't blind yourself with it waving your laser-lightsaber around willy-nilly.

[via Technabob]

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