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Nowcation Shows You Cheap Flights Leaving in the Next Month

Illustration for article titled Nowcation Shows You Cheap Flights Leaving in the Next Month

January and February are figuratively the longest months of the year, in that it's cold and you're stuck inside whittling sticks to stave off insanity. If you need to get the hell out of town, Nowcation is a new travel site that finds you great deals on flights leaving this month.


Because sometimes you just need to go somewhere. Anywhere! Pick from dozens of departing cities, and you'll see a listing of tons of cheap fares culled from Kayak. Click the destination you like and Nowcation takes you straight to Expedia or another third-party site so you can immediately book your trip. The site also includes links for inexpensive hotels. And with about four clicks you avoided cabin fever. [Nowcation]

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Prices shown on front page are for airfare only - when you select, you'll see the full price including hotel - usually the Admiral Bedbug Inn.

Deals are unremarkable - better off Kayaking good airfares and then adding a Motel 8.

Moving on...