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NSA Chief Mike Rogers Is Not Here for Trump and Putin's 'Impenetrable Cyber Security Unit'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

President Donald Trump, whose recent uses of the internet have included hinting he might just pardon himself and everyone else in his administration if federal investigators keep digging into his alleged ties to Russian hackers, probably will not like NSA Director Mike Roger’s thoughts on his plan to ally with those Russian hackers to secure the internet.

Earlier this month, Trump was relentlessly mocked by pretty much everyone for tweeting he and Russian president Vladimir Putin had discussed forming an “impenetrable Cyber Security unit” to prevent “election hacking, & many other negative things.” The blowback to his ridiculous proposal was so intense it achieved that rarest of Trump self-owns: A tweet walking back his prior tweet.


On Saturday at the Aspen Security Forum, Rogers barely even put up the effort to be polite about the idea, Reuters reported.

“I’m not a policy guy here,” Rogers said. “... I would argue now is probably not the best time to be doing this.”


Some kind of cyber-security unit might be “something that you might want to build over time were we to see changes in (Russia’s) behavior,” Rogers added, which is a somewhat diplomatic way of saying yeah, no.

While Rogers was a Barack Obama appointee, patience with his performance apparently ran thin near the end of Obama’s second term. He managed to save himself from the axe by traveling to Trump Tower in December 2016 in what the Washington Post described as a “move apparently unprecedented for a military officer.”

Rogers has reportedly been trying to convince the president Russia is a threat, though distanced himself from a report Trump asked him and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to publicly disavow rumors of Russian involvement in the election.

Even though Trump’s dumb idea to give Russia more access to U.S. cybersecurity secrets has now been trashed by everyone, remember that nothing matters anymore. Russian officials still insist negotiations to form the unit are ongoing.