NYC, Philly, DC and More Can Get Same-Day Amazon Delivery Now

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Incredibly lazy? Physically bonded to your couch? Chronically last-minute? Amazon's got your back—as long as you live in one of the six cities that just gained same-day delivery.


Yes, if you're in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Dallas, or Indianapolis, starting today you can choose to get your Amazon orders super-expedited to your door the very same day. You'll just have to place your order by noon, though Engadget says Baltimore and Washington residents can go as late as 1PM. When it goes live (it doesn't seem to work for me just yet), you'll be able to filter products by "Get It Today," and Amazon says orders will arrive by 9PM.

The service, previously available in Boston, Chicago, L.A., Phoenix, Seattle, and San Francisco, costs Prime members $6 per delivery, or $10 for the first item and $1 for each additional item if you haven't got Prime. Here are the East Coast and Midwest zipcodes eligible for same-day delivery; and here are the West Coast and Southwest zip codes. [thanks to commenter R W for pointing these out!]

So go ahead, put off your shopping for awhile—just not past noon. [Amazon via Engadget]



I now get both Amazon and Google Express, I have choices now if I run out of tp while sitting on the toilet.