NYPD's Computers Are Certain That This 82-Year-Old Woman Is a Dangerous Criminal

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Rose Martin has been questioned by police some 50 times in eight years, stemming from her involvement in crimes ranging from robbery to murder. Of course, she's not actually involved, but the NYPD's computers continue to think otherwise.


For nearly a decade, police have regularly visited Martin's home in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband, Walter. She never has any information on the criminals in question, but police continue to be dispatched to her address nonetheless.

Prompted by an investigation by the NY Daily News, the New York Police Department traced the problem to a test of their computer system in 2002 in which the Martins' residence in Brooklyn was used as a test address (they couldn't say why). NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne promised that the address had been eradicated from the database and that the law-abiding Martins would be left alone.

But just when you thought the case was closed, the NY Daily News offers a compelling twist. The home's previous owner, who sold it to the Martins in 1997 (five years before the alleged test), moved for the very same reason. Back then, too, cops were continually visiting the home, reportedly in response to several bogus reports from a "still-unknown tormentor." Sometimes a house is just destined to be a hide-out. [NY Daily News]


This has been going on at this property for a long time. This story tracks back to the mid 90's, but it has been happening for much, much longer.

There was considerable attention by law enforcement to this area in the 1920's with no apparent reason given. Local legend also relates that in this area young Native Americans would go to test themselves on their passage into adulthood. Why? That is not known. Perhaps the area has been watched over for longer than suggested by the NY Daily News.

I think the property is being targeted by an organization in some future time. They know it will be the location of an event that must be stopped, but they know little else. Their only recourse is to insure that somebody, (Law enforcement in recent times) is constantly alerted to this address, in the hope that is may prevent the "unknown tragedy" from taking place.