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Oakley Split Thump MP3 Players Reviewed (Verdict: Actually Not Bad)

Oakley's Split Thump sunglasses aren't exactly popular outside of the mullet-sporting bounty hunter demographic, but if you can get past the looks (tough to do), it's actually a decent sunglass-MP3 player. Tech Digest says the drag and drop file loading from both Windows and Macs was incredibly easy, plus the volume is quite loud and drowns out the mean things people around you are saying. The noise insulation and the dark lenses ensure that you'll never have to actually face the fact that you're wearing MP3 sunglasses. [Tech Digest]


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Broken Machine

@deucailion: Agreed. While most of the styles, the MP3 players included, are of a style that would never entice me, no one can deny the quality of optics that Oakley offers. There are no polycarbonate lenses out there that match the optical quality. Oakley makes a great sport glass.

I hope Oakley charges Dog the Bounty Hunter for his shades - a sponsored endorsement is wasted on him.