Illustration for article titled Obamas Jack-Bauer-Certified BlackBerry Almost Finished by NSA

I thought Obama had already gotten his top-secret BlackBerry—I mean he's dropped one—but the Washington Times says that the NSA is almost done developing his bulletproof BlackBerry 8830 (what, no Bold?).


The new BlackBerry is locked down by Genesis Key's SecureVoice technology that turns any Curve or 8830 into a hack-resistant handheld. When he gets the BlackBerry in a few months, he'll be able to call or text to other people with the same software, like Michelle Obama and top aides, whoever they are. The software is considered hardcore enough that it can access Top Secret-level classified data


In the meantime, he's been using a regular BlackBerry for personal stuff and that crappy Sectera Edge for official business.

I wonder if they're going to let Joe Biden in on the secret BlackBerry circle. Would you? [Washington Times via Fast Company]

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