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Can this list get any longer? The number of eligible suitors—including AT&T, Sprint, and foreign telecoms—have all expressed interest in acquiring T-Mobile, the company that prides itself on being the rebellious teenager of the phone carrier world. Now only weeks after a rumor of a Dish Network merger, Comcast has come knocking.


According to a report by Reuters, Deutsche Telekom, the company who owns T-Mobile, is in talks with Comcast about a potential sale. It also seems that the Comcast is the preferable date to the Acquisition Ball because, well, they have lots of money.

Of course, it makes sense that Comcast would want to snatch up T-Mobile. The little carrier that could has a lot to offer, but handing over arguably the best carrier in terms of customer service to a company with an absolutely horrendous track-record for being horrendous sounds like a terrible, no good, very bad idea for us. I guess we’ll just see what happens.



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