Of Course Ikea's Digital Camera Is Made of Cardboard

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In the press kits they distributed last week at Milan's Salone design show, Ikea included a very Ikea product: a digital camera made of cardboard. The camera, which runs on two AA batteries and can hold up to 40 images on a built-in memory stick, can be synced with a computer via the USB that swings out from its side. It will soon be available for sale in Ikea stores—though, given Ikea's reputation for less than stellar merch, it might be wise to consider your options.
[LaughingSquid via PetaPixel via Gizmodo.it]


I hate Ikea with a passion. Sure, their furniture makes for great conversation pieces...

"Hey, I see you bought the Expedit!"


"Cool, I have THE EXACT same thing at home."

When someone buys Ikea, you know they bought Ikea. What was once unique has just become generic cheap crap.

Pro tip: You aren't artsy for buying Ikea. You do however look like a starving artist for buying Ikea.

(We've all been there... I still hate it.)