Official Final T-Mobile Dash WM6 Upgrade Leaked

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Speaking of Windows Mobile 6, if you're really in a rush to get the new OS onto your T-Mobile Dash, hit up the link at the end of the post to grab it. It's the official T-Mobile release, so there shouldn't be any compatibility problems from having another device's ROM. And since it's the official release, it probably has the T-Mobile branding in there as well.


Reader Jimmie tells us that he installed it just fine and his phone hasn't been bricked. Nice work Jimbo. Now try and find the official MDA upgrade as well.

Download Link [Rapidshare via Gadgets on the Go]



Alas, the wm6upgrade page did not work for me. After I enter my phone number to get the download, the window resolves to the all phones page where you select the phone you are interested in. I have been stuck in this loop for the last two days. I have cleared out the cookies, history, cache, etc, but I am still not given the opportunity to download wm6.

Has anyone else run into this problem? I called T-Mo and they didn't have a solution for me. Oh and I have tried both firefox and IE. HELP!