Old Chapel Is Made into a Giant Musical Laser Instrument, and More from TreeHugger

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This week on TreeHugger, we round up the best tech stories from March, teach you to make a remote that will turn off all the TVs in Best Buy, turn a vintage camera into an iPhone stand, and more!


1. 20 Top Tech Stories From March
We saw loads of interesting stories this past month, but here are 20 of our favorites, from fun gadget how-to projects to breakthroughs in solar and wind technology, to inspiring fix-it folks.

2. Old Chapel Is Made into a Giant Musical Instrument, Controlled with Laser Pointers (Video)
A Czech church was 3-D mapped and made into a one of a kind musical instrument, controlled by visitors' laser pointers.

3. Space-Tech Camera Sees Radiation, Can Assess Danger Levels
What if we could not only detect radiation, but also see it as we are assessing an area? A new camera from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency does just this.

4. X-Ray Technology Turns Flowers Into Science Fiction
Photographs taken with a diagnostic x-ray machine turn ordinary flowers into something otherworldly.

5. Fiber Optic Technology Could Bring Sunlight to NYC's Underground Park
A technology to funnel sunlight underground is a major reason the proposed "Lowline" park is being seriously considered.

6. Home Lighting Concept Powered by Plumbing
Hydroelectric power is an easy choice to make if you have access to a stream or river, but this concept takes advantage of the streams running through our walls: our plumbing.


7. iPhone Docks Built from Vintage Upcycled Cameras
A photography fanatic creates beautiful iPhone docks as a homage to old cameras.

8. Inflatable High Altitude Wind Turbine May Produce Double the Power at Half the Cost
A prototype high altitude floating wind turbine can double the power output of turbines at conventional tower height and reduce wind energy costs up to 65%.


9. How to Make an Energy Efficient Remote to Turn Off Any TV
This DIY project lets you turn off any TV remotely, and save energy doing it.

10. 3D Printing and Printed Electronics Combined in Hybrid "Smart" Wing
A new development combining pray-on electronics with 3D printed wings could have applications way beyond aviation.




Doesn't using power siphoned from your pipes actually just transfer the energy cost to the utility company? They'd need to increase pressure or something? (Not my field, so I could be missing something, but there's that whole perpetual motion thing.)