OLPC Planning and Praying for $50 Laptop

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In a chat with Laptop Mag about the booming ultra-cheap, ultra-portable laptop market, blustery and beleaguered OLPC founder Nick Negroponte actually manages to keep his cool while dissing his rivals—a laudable feat—and drops a couple of interesting bits: OLPC is still on a trajectory toward a $50 laptop, and they're planning on launching dual-boot Windows XP machines worldwide. Thems some lofty goals—aside from their epic fail to hit just $100, XO's crafty designer is only trying to clear $75. Good luck, Nick. [Laptop Mag]

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I'm A Different Bird

WinXP costs more than $50 itself... Hell, I heard that even Dell can't get XP MCE (the cheapest one) for less than $35.