OLPC: Tipping its Hat to the Apple M.O. - Kind of

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The One Laptop Per Child project may have turned down Apple's offer of free Mac OS X for each machine in favour of making their own XO interface, but they're not averse to aping the way the Cupertino gang work. At least according to John Maeda, one of the grand poobahs at MIT who has been keeping an eye on the XO development process. "They're using the Steve Jobs method," says, John Maeda, an MIT design guru, "you don't use focus groups. You just do it right." Incidentally, the $100 laptop is now going for about $208 - that was the price when they did a deal with the Libyan authority (sic) back in October.


The Face Of The $100 Laptop [Business Week]


Having read the white papers written about their new OS, I think they went the right route. The new OS was designed with security from the ground up, and it's a proper nonintrusive security that protects the user, their laptop, their privacy, and the other users around them. MacOS (or any other existing OS) would not be sufficient to handle the problems of developing nations (theft, corruption, and the like).

Yet, students are still able to write their own software and share it with their friends without fear of compromising their computers.

I think all the major OS developers should follow this lead and implement some of the designs of this new OS into their own products.