Olympus E-3 Flagship DSLR Released in Korea

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It's DSLR season, with Canon and Nikon loosing their latest and now Olympus is following up with their E-3. We saw this camera first hand at PMA, unnamed, but obviously a replacement for the 4-year old E-1. Four years! Hey, that's pretty nifty, Olympus — wait til your camera is actually out of date before updating it.

Rumor has it that the E-3 will come stateside in October/November. Of course, a little googling revealed that this camera has kept the 4/3 camera mount fans (yes, fans) waiting since 2006 Photokina. Gotta be tough to have all those lenses and nothing in this range to use it with. You'll have to wait for MP ratings, etc, but it's safe to assume it'll be in the 8-12 range, like all cameras in this segment. [DPReview]

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I own one of the new 4/3 cameras and the lenses are far superior to Canon and Nikon in the similar focal lengths. It's also nice to have IS in the camera. Which is the only place to have it. Hear that fanboys of C/N? I don't have to re-buy the IS technology every time I buy a lens.

Oly has always been a few technology steps ahead of the others... they plan for the digital age... yeah they may not have the sales, but they will always be first to bring new digital technologies to market. Years ahead of competitors. Anti-dust sensor, live-preview, in-camera IS, Compact DSLRs (the 410 is far smaller than other SLRs, and the 4/3 system that makes all the lenses at least 30% smaller)a.

I'm glad I switched from Canon, who just seems to be adding features on to old technology.

Photophile obviously knows little about Olympus and 4/3 as his information is incorrect.